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Halloween contest held on campus

By Ian Gray and Riley Hays

Sophomore Jed Petrie and his “Paul Bunyan” costume.

photo by Ian Gray
Sophomore Jed Petrie was awarded the grand prize for his
“Paul Bunyan” costume on Oct. 31.

Creativity and laughter filled UW-Fox’s student union at the costume contest Oct. 31.

The contest, sponsored by the Campus Activities Board (CAB), challenged 45 contestants to create the best costume and act for the show.

Cold Stone Creamery workers were on-site to serve ice cream to attendees.

Anyone who wore a costume or donated a non-perishable food item to St. Joseph’s Food Pantry received free ice cream from the dessert chain.

“[Every year] we do the ice cream social so Cold Stone Creamery came [to the contest]…that’s always nice,” sophomore Mary Kay Elsner and CAB member, said.

Elsner introduced host, comedian and television personality Rob Gleeson to the audience.

“Every time, I’ll just go into colleges to do standup for an hour or so, so this time it’s a contest and it’s something different. I did a show at Lawrence University [two days before]. I riffed on their costumes so I got a chance to practice with them first,” Gleeson said.

Campus deans Martin Rudd, Andrew Keogh and communications professors Susan Rabideau and Frances Perkins served as judges.

“Rob was really funny, picking on [Keogh] because he was leaving and [Rudd] was taking his job,” Elsner said.

Judging criteria included most unique costume, best routine, originality and detail.

“I always try to be involved. Besides, free ice cream? Who wouldn’t be a judge,” Perkins said.

Prizes were awarded for Best Costume and Best Performance.

Award donors include the UW-Fox bookstore, Barlow Planetarium, Weis Earth Science Museum, Fazoli’s, B.J. Clancey’s and other Fox Valley businesses.

Gleeson’s hook was to ask contestants beauty pageant questions.

“I thought having a professional comic as the MC brought a lot to the event. [Gleeson] was able to throw some humor in at every turn and that’s not easy to do,” Perkins said.

Sophomore Jed Petrie won the grand prize for his Paul Bunyan attire.

“I had already had the costume at home for an event this summer. I checked ahead of time with the school to make sure it was okay to bring in the fake axe. It was either Paul Bunyan or a tight Mr. Incredible costume, which I didn’t feel comfortable walking around in school with,” Petrie said.

UW-Fox’s dance team placed first for their performance and homage to Michael Jackson.

“They were all in-sync and nobody fell offstage unfortunately. I distinctly saw some Thriller in [their routine] and they played a bunch of different Halloween-type tunes,” UW-Fox freshman Noah Worden said.

He took second place for his version of Keith Stone from the Keystone beer brand.

“I got a kick ass goodie bag. I don’t really think a lot of people know who I am, but now they know who Keith Stone is,” Worden said.

Elsner, also known as MC Sprite, won third place for her masquerade look and performance of her song “Pay Attention Male MC’s”.

“I looked like a big rooster, most definitely,” Elsner said.

“I thought she was pretty good…if you can come up with rhymes like that off the top of your head, you’re going places,” Worden said.

Sophomore Alex Frantz took fourth place for his monkey act.

“The way that [Frantz] played the monkey was absolutely perfect. He went up on stage and ate a banana in like three or four different bites and just did monkey stuff and the comedian was like picking through his hair,” Worden said.

“The costumes were great, Keith Stone brought the heat, the ladies were fabulous, the little monkey costume by Alex Frantz was great, he really committed…I thought it was going to be close,” Gleeson said.

Participants were impressed by the event’s turnout.

“There wasn’t an empty seat, the whole union was full and people stayed until [the contest] finished,” Elsner said.

“I was very happy to see how many participants there were, as well as how many people came to watch,” Perkins said.

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