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Club helps campus stay green

By Michelle Vancuyk

The Students for Sustainability (SFS) club has already had an impact on UW-Fox and the surrounding community.

Last spring, SFS built an organic lasagna garden from mostly recycled and donated materials.

Lasagna gardening is a no-dig, no-till method of gardening.

The garden is made from multiple layers of organic material in a raised garden bed that breaks down over time, creating a rich environment for plants to thrive in.

Joy Perry, senior lecturer of biology, donated sun gold tomato plants to the garden.

“It’s great that over the summer and fall [club members] have been working so hard on something so worthwhile for the environment and the school,” Perry said.

Club members planted pole beans, sun gold tomatoes, green peppers, strawberries and marigolds to repel insects in the garden.

SFS sustainably use produce by sharing at campus events with students and staff or donating to local food pantries.

Throughout the summer, students donated fresh produce to St. Joseph’s Food Pantry in Menasha.

“The UW-Fox Students for Sustainability club makes all the difference in the world to local families and what they’re able to put on the table.

“[Donations] help to give them a variety of fresh organic produce they otherwise may not have. It’s wonderful that these students have the ambition to do projects like these,” Monica Clair, operations manager of the food pantry, said.

“It’s neat that [SFS] can use this as a learning laboratory and that they can do something worthwhile and charitable with food for the community,” Jeff Kuepper, senior student activities coordinator, said.

Students enjoyed picking and tasting garden-fresh vegetables.

“We ate lots of beans while we were picking them. They were so delicious,” sophomore and club member Jennifer Holz said.

SFS members promote sustainability throughout the year.

They post weekly green tips on the electronic monitors to keep students informed on tips and tricks that can save them money and help the environment.

Kuepper also chairs the campus sustainability committee and collaborates with SFS on green activities.

“We want to get students involved in campus’ green effort. It’s great that there’s a student group dedicated to the green initiative,” Kuepper said.

SFS are always looking for more members to get involved.

Freshman Jenna Ambrosius enjoys participating in ways to benefit the environment.

“I’ve learned what a difference we can make…if more people chipped in, we could make a really big difference,” Ambrosius said.

For the up-and-coming holiday season, SFS is planning organic and vegetarian recipes and green gift wrapping ideas.

Club members hope to take field trips to the Urban Ecology Center and Growing Power, Inc. in Milwaukee this year.

Weekly meetings are held at noon on Mondays in room 1335.

For more information, contact club advisor Joy Perry at


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