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Chancellor selects campus’ new dean

By Nicole Krueger

Martin Rudd will become UW-Fox Valley's dean Jan. 1.

Martin Rudd will become UW-Fox Valley's dean Jan. 1.

Martin Rudd was named the next campus executive officer (CEO) and dean of UW-Fox Valley.

He succeeds Jim Perry, who announced his retirement in early February after serving as campus dean and CEO for 18 years.

Rudd will begin his duties after the first of the year.

“Immediately I have no big plans at the moment because part of the job to begin with is to get to know what the job involves,” Rudd said.

He is concerned with interacting with students, faculty and staff around campus as dean.

“One of the things that I want to do is get around and talk with as many people on campus as I can during the first few months to find out the types of things we should be doing,” Rudd said.

Rudd grew up in the southwestern part of England.

He received a doctorate in inorganic chemistry and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Warwick in Coventry, England.

He also studied at the University of Bergen in Norway.

Rudd currently teaches at UW-Fox as an associate professor of chemistry and continues to enjoy doing so until he takes his place as dean in January.

“Just as I’m accessible as a professor, I want students to know that I’m available for them with both the good things that are going on and if they have issues that they would like me to hear about,” Rudd said.

The process of choosing a dean starts with a search committee who sends out requests for candidates.

Candidates express interest by submitting their resumes to the committee, who does background work on chosen semi-finalists.

The committee then interviews the semi-finalists via compressed video interviews.

This year’s finalists were Dr. Donna Hilton Stewart, interim dean of the College of Management at UW-Stout, Rudd and Dr. Carmen R. Wilson, chief of staff and affirmative action officer at UW-La Crosse.

Rudd had two campus interviews, met with various groups of academic staff, students and community members and gave a presentation at UW-Fox.

He also oversaw the UW-Manitowoc County campus as interim dean from 2010-2011.

UW Colleges’ chancellor Ray Cross decided to appoint Rudd as dean in October, after receiving feedback from campus officials and students.

“His experience on [UW-Fox’s] campus, but also in Manitowoc was helpful,” Cross said. “He has an understanding of how to deal with difficult issues, a strong academic background and had a really good sense of how to engage the campus and community.”

Students, faculty and staff will regularly see Rudd around campus when he assumes his role as dean.

“I want students to know who Martin Rudd, the CEO and dean is,” Rudd said. “I’m not going to be hiding in my office doing the dean’s paperwork every minute in the day. I plan to be out in the hallways [interacting with individuals].”

Rudd’s office is currently located in room 1061 in UW-Fox’s science wing.


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