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Cyclones strive for better season

By Kari Toland

Freshman Lexi Nelson saves the ball from going out of bounds on Nov. 28 at home against Fox Valley Tech.

photo by Katie Muelemans
Freshman Lexi Nelson saves the ball from going out of bounds.

The women’s basketball team is struggling compared to their previous season.

Last fall, the Cyclones were in the middle of a 14 game winning streak.

This led them to the Wisconsin Collegiate Conference (WCC) state tournament, where they placed second.

This was a first for the women’s team, with an overall record of 21-6.

Six players make up the Cyclones team this season.

Five of those six players are new to the team, besides Jenny Schaefer who joined last year.

“They are all freshman and they have to get used to playing a different style of basketball.

“College [basketball] is a faster pace and it’s more physical and demanding,” head coach Tracy Natz said.

“Our team has a lot of potential and we are still coming together to show each other what we can all do. Everybody is better at different things, which makes our team stronger,” freshman Chelse Godfrey said.

The Cyclones’ first conference game was held at UW-Richland against the Roadrunners on Nov.3.

They finished with a ten point lead, gaining a final score being 42-32.

The women held the Roadrunners to only 10 points in the first half.

Freshman Tracy Wildenberg with 16 points and 12 rebounds.

Freshman Lexi Nelson came in at eight points and Sophomore Jenny Schaefer pitched in seven.

Freshman Makayla Johnson was responsible for taking seven steals.

The Cyclones grabbed another win on at UW-Fond Du Lac on Nov. 21.

They were trailed behind at halftime, but with strong defense in the second half they managed to come back with a 48-44 win.

Nelson took the lead with 16 points, including four three pointers and four steals.

Wildenberg came in close with 12 points, 14 rebounds, three blocked shots and six steals.

Godfrey also added four blocks and eight points.

The Cyclones have had more losses so far compared to wins this season.

“Our shooting and offense in games needs to get better…we need to work together and work hard every second,” Natz said.

“As a team, we can be great because all of us have played before this season. It is a matter of all of us believing we can be great. “[The Cyclones] get along very well and plan to improve throughout the season,” Johnson said.

A few of their losses were against UW-Waukesha, UW-Marathon and Fox Valley Technical College.

The UW-Waukesha Cougars have been strong opponents for the last few seasons and beat the Cyclones 77-45.

These losses have pushed them to a 1-2 conference and 1-3 overall.

“Sometimes we lack communication during games which affects us and that is something we are still trying to accomplish more of,” Godfrey said.

The Cyclones have plenty of time to make up losses over wins this season.

They have 14 regular season games left, 12 being conference games.

“If they are willing to work hard, I believe that we can really improve…we have a lot of talent on our team, they just have to believe it too,” Natz said.

“For the rest of the season I feel we will be an awesome team if we all push ourselves at practices,” Johnson said.

“During games it’s sometimes hard to show everything we have, but we all know as teammates that we have it.

“My expectations for the rest of the season is that we are going to continue to have fun, despite the losses,” Godfrey said.

Students can attend home games in UW-Fox’s fieldhouse for free with their a campus ID.


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