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Students focus on computers

By Logan King

A group of UW-Fox students interested in computers and related activities meets at noon every Wednesday.

The members of the club, known as Fox Bytes, can usually be found working or hanging out in room 2838.

“It’s nice that they have a kind of dedicated space up here for the club, which is unusual,” Bill Bultman, associate professor of computer science, said.

The students use the computers in that room and work on projects.

“This is just a nice place because most of the people that are here are either going to school for engineering or computer science. A lot of times we’ll all be up here working on homework and we can all kind of help each other out,” sophomore Doug Tober said.

A couple members, including freshman Matt Rayford, are creating their own computer game.

“[We] hope to make a game eventually that others will play and enjoy,” Rayford said.

Fox Bytes also has taken tours of various local businesses, including Plexus, Kimberly Clark and Appleton Paper.

Unlike other tourists, this group is most interested in the companies’ data centers.

“This year I’m trying to set up a trip to a factory to talk to some of the networking guys and the programmers to see if we can take a tour,” Tober said.

The club also is trying to raise money to replace old equipment.

“Some of the computers we’re using are hand me downs from a couple lab upgrades ago,” Tober said.

Rather than simply buying all new computers, the students have more ambitious plans.

“They’re going to buy the parts and create some machines,” Bultman said.

More information about Fox Bytes can be found at by visiting UW-Fox’s homepage and clicking on the “Student Life” link.


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