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SA members address climbing textbook costs

By Rhys Kuzdas

Hello to all readers!

This is Rhys Kuzdas, your student body president chipping in on some of the events that have happened over this semester, as well as a few initiatives that myself and Student Association are trying to make a reality.

First, I am excited to announce our opening date for the new student lounge!

Here’s a little perspective around its creation.

Our campus has lacked any location for student entertainment for nearly a decade.

With the continuing constraint of more students and less space, it was refreshing to finally make a breakthrough with the administration to get this space.

The last attempt to have a designated student lounge ended in frustration, as it was in an isolated location which exacerbated students damaging equipment, vandalizing, and stealing property.

That being said, I would like to reiterate that it took years for us to start this effort again and everything that is in that room is owned collectively by the student body.

Returning to a positive note, the lounge upon completion will include a wide array of arcade games, a pool table, a 106" projection screen TV, and another TV dedicated for video game use.

Imagine an incredibly comfortable reclining leather sectionals, a friendly atmosphere for you and your friends and best, no elementary school children kicking you out!

Also, if you are in need of gainful employment to cover the ever increasing cost of education, then you are in luck!

Several attendent positions will be opening soon and feel free to apply as soon as possible.

We had some setbacks early on with the evolution of this lounge, but I am proud to announce that we will have our grand opening on Mar. 12!

Be there for the party and enjoy the newest addition to our campus!

Next, I would like to add the second part of a subject I had started last semester; the rising costs of education.

In my last column, I went in-depth on the budget lapse and how it was eviscerating not only the quality of college degrees, but gutting your wallets in the process.

Though Student Association has always attempted to mitigate these costs in our own smallway by holding the line of your segregated fees, there are times when that is not enough.

It is time to talk about the largest secondary cost of education out of tuition; textbooks.

All of us have felt the sting of hundreds of dollars going towards overpriced books which have absolutely no resale value.

I myself am sick and tired of barely scrapeing by financially after being forced to go through the archaic "for-profit" model of textbook purchases or the more laughable "rentals".

It is this reason that we have been pushing harder and harder to switch onto a true rental system based off of segregated fees.

What this would entail is that you would receive almost all of your necessary class textbooks for the vast majority of courses offered on this campus with the greatly reduced costs being added as a fee, in addition to your normal tuition.

You would be able to simply pick up your textbooks in one go without having to open your wallet a second time, instead of scouring across dozens of textbook websites or pulling your hair out in the bookstore.

Fast, simple, efficient and most importantly, cheap.

We are in communication now with the administration attempting to work out this process and bring real effective change, but we do need your help .

A petition or survey will soon be cycled around campus to allow your voices to be heard about this crucial issue.

Thank you for reading this short column and if there are any concerns, comments, or questions you wish to express to Student Association, please swing by our office behind the Student Union, or you can email me directly at

We as the student body do have a voice, and we maintain that we can improve our college experience through direct action.

Thank you,
Rhys Kuzdas
SA President


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