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Bike safety courses held this spring

By Scott Reilly

Spring is here!

Well, almost, but winter is fading fast and the long days of warm weather and green grass are within the future.

If you are like me, March can feel like the cruelest month filled with anticipation for those warmer days that are not quite here yet.

But don’t let the fickle weather keep you from getting ready for the upcoming warmth and outdoor activities, specifically bicycling.

According to the National Highways Transportation Boards, over 27 million American ride bicycles each year.

Are you one or would you like to be one of those people?

Although there are not 27 million reasons for riding a bike, there are many reasons we ride bikes, from transportation to exercise, as a sport or just because it is fun.

However, although we may associate our bikes with lazy summer afternoons of childhood, the state of Wisconsin classifies bicycles as a vehicle, subject to the same laws and responsibilities as all other vehicles on the road.


Were you under the impression that bikes were toys, ridden for pleasure on lazy afternoons in the park?

There is no need to be, if you are familiar with the rules of the road, you can easily apply them to your bike.

See a stop sign?


Where to ride on the road?

Ride on the right, with traffic.

Knowing the laws and your responsibilities not only allows you to feel more confident on a bike, it lets other road users feel comfortable around bicycles when we are all following the same laws.

To encourage more bicyclists to feel confident on their bicycles, the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin is providing free classes to Wisconsinites through a program called Share & Be Aware.

You are invited to attend a free class on Mar. 27 in Room 1336 to learn more about bicycling laws, where to ride here in the Fox Valley and beyond, and how you can make bicycling a daily part of your outdoor activities!

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