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Cyclones fall short at WCC, recruit new players

By Kari Toland

Freshman Stephanie Maas charges for the basket during a home game against Silver Lake on Feb. 8.

photo by Katie Meulemans
Freshman Stephanie Maas charges for the basket
during a home game against Silver Lake on Feb. 8.

The UW-Fox women’s basketball team had a rocky season compared to last year, finishing with a 7-19 record.

In their previous season, the Cyclones ended with an overall 21-6 record.

The women tied for second at conference last season and advanced to the Wisconsin Collegiate Conference (WCC) state championship game.

They also broke a team record by running a 14 game winning streak.

The Cyclones women experienced a few roster changes during their season.

The team started with seven girls the first part of semester.

They had lost two girls and gained one before winter break.

The team then added two players and a part-time player.

“It was rough with all the changes amongst the players…you get used to playing with someone for three weeks and then that person doesn’t show or has to work,” head coach Tracy Natz said.

The Cyclones pulled out one win against UW-Fond du Lac in the beginning part of the season.

They trailed the first half of the game 26-18, with only 17.5% shots made.

The women grabbed another win against UW-Richland, holding strong defense to pull ahead with a 42-32 end score.

The Cyclones forfeited a game against the UW-Rock County Rattlers because there was not enough players Dec. 3.

“Some girls had to work that night, it just wasn’t possible for us to play. Instead of re- scheduling we just decided on the forfeit,” Natz said.

The season’s second half was steadier for the team.

Freshman guard and forward Stephanie Maas played with the Cyclones following winter break.

“I knew a couple girls on the team from my classes so I feel we had better chemistry compared to the first semester,” Maas said.

“The girls that came in second semester had more experience…Maas played a year at Marion before coming here,” Natz said. “I believe [the new players] brought a calmness to the team that the freshman had not felt previously.”

The Cyclones also struggled with not having enough players to run full court drills.

“The most we had for full court drills was four-on-four, I believe having the five-on-five drill is essential to practices,” Maas said.

“The girls did have a hard time dealing with not having a five-on-five situation during practice…look what happened last year, we only had seven girls and we were able to win 21 games,” Natz said.

“I can understand that it is harder for them with seven instead of 10 [players], but I don’t use that as an excuse. It just means we have to work that much harder as a team,” Natz said.

The Cyclones concluded their season with a loss at the WCC quarterfinals against UW- Marathon Feb. 22.

The women were able to hold Marathon to a 34-24 score during the first half.

They couldn’t keep up with the Huskies in the second half, losing 76-54.

Expectations for next year are high.

Natz is making an effort to recruit more players through different resources.

“I’ve been Facebook stalking, seems to generate more responses. I’m also hoping with the new housing that is being built, I can encourage my players to be closer to campus,” Natz said.

To play for the woman’s basketball team next season contact Tracy Natz.


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