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Oblivion Haunted House gets new look

By Alyssa Koch

Oblivion actress gets ready to scare guests in the newly re-designed warehouse on opening night.

photo by Alyssa Koch
Oblivion actress gets ready to scare guests in the newly
re-designed warehouse on opening night.

UW-Fox hosted Oblivion Haunted House again this fall, during the month of October.

Visitors of the attraction ranged from young children to older adults. Oblivion put on a children's day Oct. 21 to benefit local charities.

"We supported nine local charities and high school groups and clubs," director of technical theatre Erick Gyrion said.

Produced by Halloween Room Productions, Oblivion is a professional haunted attraction. The haunted house's actors and volunteers are referred to as the "Minions of Oblivion".

The attraction's theme this year was "Contamination III: The Season of the Sisters" and was entirely re-designed this year. Oblivion is one of the few haunted attractions in the state with a fully-themed indoor waiting area.

Rooms of blood, clowns and scary dolls fill the building and create an environment of terror.

"My favorite scene was the room with the strobe light and all the creepy dolls that were standing still and then moved towards you," freshman Jordan Kaufman said.

Oblivion is taken down and reconstructed every year to keep attendees interested in returning to a new scene.

"What happens is every year they take the entire thing down and then they build it back up," Oblivion volunteer Ani Johnson said.

Throughout the year, Oblivion is constructed to be better than the year before.

"During April, May, June there's teardown, the entire thing goes down. It's just an empty place and then we take the walls, we reuse some walls, we get more walls but we build it back up, w hatever design that Erick or Aaron comes up with and the entire thing gets repainted," Johnson said.

This year, Oblivion was also housed in the campus' 1655 building, which is also home to UW-Fox's engineering department. Continuing to hold classes in the building was the number one priority for all the teachers and students.

"I don't think it really changed anything because Erick still made the entire design and then he was able to plan around having the classes in the building," Johnson said.

Gyrion heads up the haunted house and makes sure there is something new and exciting every year. This is his third year with Oblivion.

There has been talk that next year Oblivion will have a new home, although the location has yet to be confirmed.

"We are not sure of Oblivion's future as of now," Gyrion said.

For more information on Oblivion or how to be a part of the crew, visit


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