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Health care professionals reach out to students

By Laura Schlichting

Attendees talk with prospective employers at the health care career fair on FVTC’s Appleton campus Oct. 15.

photo by Laura Schlichting
Attendees talk with prospective employers at the health
care career fair on FVTC's Appleton campus Oct. 15.

Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC) held its 15th semi-annual Health Care Career Fair Oct. 15. at its Appleton campus.

The purpose of the fair was to connect students and community members with future employers. Companies and colleges set up booths to educate attendees on career opportunities in the medical field.

Kayla Shommer, an FVTC student, attended the fair with hopes of finding a job after she graduates.

"I'm hoping to just get my name out there; presenting myself... instead of just a piece of paper," Shommer said.

"Especially when you're graduating, and you don't know what's out there, so coming here and seeing all these booths, I mean, the possibilities are really endless."

Future employers at the fair included businesses as large as ThedaCare and as small as Brewster Village.

Sara Deeg, a ThedaCare employment specialist, has been involved with ThedaCare's career fair booth for six years. The relationship between ThedaCare and FVTC students, as well as the importance of career fairs as a whole, is what keeps her coming back.

"I think it opens up the eyes of the students to what opportunities are available out in our community. ou might only know one or two systems, maybe that you've gone to personally," Deeg said.

Outagamie County employee Yolanda Gerrits promoted Brewster Village at the fair, a long-term care facility in Appleton.

"It's a great way to keep the students in the area and the public aware that we're here. We're just down the road. We do it really for a lot of exposure and to remind them that we're here and that we're, you know, looking for good candidates," Gerrits said.

Gerrits also appreciated that she could meet students in person and use the time for marketing the business.

"Because we work so hard on our website and so hard on some of those other things and... it's pretty reasonable as far as your cost the exposure that you get," Gerrits said.

Many colleges had booths at the fair to encourage attendees to pursue more training or different majors.

Megan Barrett, who works with the John Hopkins University School of Nursing, attended the career fair for the first time this year. She decided to participate after receiving many applications from UW-Oshkosh students.

Barrett enjoyed the experience and loved the idea behind the career fair.

"I think it's a great way to get students to know about your programs or what you're offering, and to actually meet with someone face to face who comes from that particular school or that business," Barrett said.

Silver Lake College's adult student liaison Amanda Grube attended the career fair for the third time.

"It's always a very good fair. [There is] good student turnout, so I think that they probably announce and market to those students really well," Grube said.

Mary Bratz, who works in student employment services at FVTC, is happy to organize the career fair. Not only are FVTC faculty members able to get valuable information to students going into a health care profession, but they are also able to involve student interns in the process of setting up the fair.

Traci Erbrecht, a meeting and event management student at FVTC, was the official career fair intern for this particular career fair.

Like most attendees, Bratz stressed the importance of career fairs.

"It's a wonderful way to network….It's not [a] what you know but who you know kind of a thing. So, this is a great way to meet employers even if it's not your end all employer... you get your name out there," Bratz said.

FVTC, in partnership with UW-Oshkosh, will host another career fair this spring.


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