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What policy issues were most important to you this election and why?

Michaela Wagner - freshman

“Well really the women’s rights stuff and the whole abortion thing, and then education because I’m a college student and I wouldn’t be here without federal money.”

Hayden Sanders - sophomore

“It would probably be what they are going to do about helping out students with tuition, things of that nature, because I’m a student and I’m broke.”

Jillian Kempen - sophomore

“Women’s issues, because I’m a woman and that’s important to me, and I don’t think that gets enough political attention all the time, it kind of gets on the back burner and I don’t like that.”

Alyssa Kempen - sophomore

“Health care for low income families, because I am part of a low income family. I have a child, and also being a woman and being diabetic, if I didn’t have health care I would be dead, because I’m insulin dependent.”

Joseph Fischer - freshman

“I go back to morals a lot, because that’s a really big thing. It tells where people are at, where our nation’s at, where your leader is morally. So for me, a big one is abortion.”

Jason Missling - sophomore

“I don’t follow politics…I don’t get into stuff that I can’t really control.”

Noah Smith - sophomore

"I think that we need to save money with our economy."

Andrew Mohl - sophomore

"The first being, just like everybody else, the economy. The second big one is foreign policy. I’m a Marine Corps veteran, I’ve been through that business multiple times over, I want nothing to do with it again. It’s bankrupted our country, it’s done nothing good. We can’t afford another war. "


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