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Tutoring labs move to 1800 wing

By James Mayo

Sophomores Fatima Sierra and Alicia Ly study in the new Learning Center located in room 1819 Oct. 4.

photo by Riley Hays
Sophomores Fatima Sierra and Alicia Ly study
in the new Learning Center located in room
1819 Oct. 4.

Several changes were made to UW-Fox's main building during the summer.

The renovations included moving all the student support programs from the main hall to the far side of the building.

"I'm thrilled that [the math lab] got moved," Kathy Hopper, associate lecturer and developmental math specialist said.

"The space that we were in before just really wasn't big enough to handle the capacity of students that we had…now we have the space and it's such a bright room, so it's just really a pleasant place to come."

The renovations done to UW-Fox over the summer were actually part of a larger plan to relocate the campus' overcrowded engineering program to a former manufacturing facility at 1655 University Drive.

The vacant building went up for sale in 2007.

As an opportunity for expansion, the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley purchased the facility in 2008 with help from Winnebago and Outagamie counties.

"[The counties] have provided the funds for the purchase and renovation work for this project," assistant dean for administrative services, Jim Eagon said.

"In total, that probably would have come to $3.1 to $3.2 million to purchase, plug in an elevator and do this renovation work. So it's a significant investment by our counties for the community."

The plan to renovate the main building was approved in 2011. The main goal of the project was the acquisition of more space.

One of the math labs, the Writing Pad, and the Learning Center were relocated so the labs could all be in the same hall.

"It was a very conscious decision to have the math lab adjacent to the learning center, so that students could go from one to another [and] work between them. These are services we want our students to take advantage of if they want to," Eagon said.

"I have heard a lot of students commenting on the fact that they really like it, that the tutoring areas are next to each other," Hopper said.

Moving these programs to one area benefits not only the students, but the tutors as well.

"It makes a lot of sense to me, because students know that we're all located in one central area. The people that are running these different tutoring centers can have each other as colleagues and we can kind of talk to each other," Writing Pad director, Christina Cavaco said.

The old Learning Resource Center is empty for the time being, but the university has plans for the room.

"Right now the admissions office is cramped in some office space. We also have some staff and student services people that are in actual closets," Eagon said.

"We're going to relocate the admissions office into the old Learning Center space... it'll become sort of a welcoming space for new students, that sort of thing."


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