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Students for Sustainability continue green efforts

By Samantha Treat

Volunteers help plant vegetation in the space allocated for the green roof Sept. 6.

photo by Riley Hays
Volunteers help plant vegetation in the
space allocated for the green roof Sept. 6.

UW-Fox's Communication Arts Center (CAC) received a new addition to its roof.

Students and staff joined the Omni Ecosystem and Rooftop Greenworks teams in installing 380 square feet of green roof Sept. 6.

Over the summer, volunteers and members of the Students for Sustainability (SFS) finalized plans for the installation. Grants from the Student Association, the UW Fox Valley Foundation and the Community Foundation's Environmental Stewardship grant were used to finance the project.

A green roof can provide numerous environmental and technical benefits like storm water retention, thermal resistance and creating biodiversity.

With the roof now in place, SFS members and senior lecturer of biology Teresa Weglarz hope for future expansion.

"There is a total of 5000 square feet that could potentially have plants on it. We'd like to have some of those plants be vegetables. You can grow kale and spinach and even tomatoes and potatoes on a green roof." Weglarz said.

The project will require more funding if the green roof's expansion jumps off. SFS members will continue fundraising initiatives on campus to make this a reality.

"We need funding to do that, so, every square foot of green roof on the Communication Arts Center is roughly 15 dollars, so you can do the math, and it's a pretty pricy tag," Weglarz said.

Aside from the roof planning, SFS members tended to the campus' community garden over summer break and engaged in other green projects.

"Right off the bat this summer, a few nurseries donated vegetables other flowers to us so we expanded the gardens in the back," SFS president Danielle Handler said.

"We added on three more raised beds and a squash garden so we actually added four garden beds."

Students from Weglarz's Biology 191 and the Campus Activities Board also coordinated an e-recycling effort, collecting nearly 600 items.

The group routinely holds meetings and recruitment opportunities each semester and organizes various green projects for the campus.

"We are increasing the compost on campus and we are helping out the students who are doing independent studies for compost. We've done fresh produce out here in the cafeteria for free and that was actually a huge success," Handler said.

"We also went around different classrooms recruiting new students, we're definitely looking for some."

The Students for Sustainability club's next meeting is Nov. 8 at 12:30 p.m. in room M1321.


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