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Student Association promotes club fundraiser

By Kaitlin Palmer

Sophomores Jessica Kautz, Amanda Appleton and SA president Breanna Ernetts serve soup and a sandwich Sept. 18.

photo by Kaitlin Palmer
Sophomores Jessica Kautz, Amanda Appleton
and SA president Breanna Ernetts serve soup
and a sandwich Sept. 18.

Soup’s On, a fundraising opportunity for campus clubs, offers a hot meal alternative for students and faculty on campus every Tuesday evening.

Although currently run by the Student Association (SA), Soup’s On is available to all campus clubs and organizations who wish to raise money for student activities.

“It’s supposed to be something all clubs and organizations can do on campus, and nobody knows about it because of a lack of advertising, and we want other students to get involved and to know that there is a way that they can fundraise for their clubs,” SA senator Nicole Costley said.

Senior student activities coordinator, Jeff Kuepper, encourages other campus clubs to get involved with Soup’s On.

“Every recognized club and organization has been notified of the opportunity to run Soup’s On, and how to apply to do so,” Kuepper said.

“It would be great to see clubs take advantage of the opportunity to raise some funds, and I think we have made the process for them to do so relatively easy.”

Many SA members are eager to get other UW-Fox students involved this year as well.

“Soup’s On is a great way for clubs to do fundraising and a good option for students who are on campus to get a good meal at a good price,” sophomore Amanda Appleton said.

Students have different opinions of Soup’s On as a successful fundraiser.

Some faculty members agree.

“The challenge for the program is that clubs often generate little revenue from it, and on occasion lose money. The benefit of visibility or possibilities of club recruitment quickly diminishes after a single evening of Soup’s On, because it tends to attract the same small group of students every Tuesday,” Kuepper said.

Other members of SA disagree, claiming a lack of student awareness is the reason Soup’s On has not brought in as much as anticipated.

“The first couple of weeks of school are slow because everyone just wants to get off campus right away and of all the new people on campus don’t know about it,” Costley said.

“It’s during the winter months [Soup’s On] is the most successful,” SA president Breanna Everetts said.

If more students show interest in using Soup’s On as a fundraiser for their clubs, there is potential for expansion of the program.

“It would be cool if we could make it a well enough known event where we could offer more food, especially in the colder months, to have a vegetarian soup, a broth soup and a cream soup, but that would take a lot of advertisement and a lot of word-of-mouth before it came to that,” SA treasurer Dolly Schoenfeldt said.

Even though Soup’s On is currently only offered on Tuesday evenings, it is possible that it could run more than once a week.

“There was talk about moving it to another day depending on which day has the most night classes letting out at that time frame, but it could become something that is held maybe twice a week,” Schoenfeldt said.

“It has been successful in offering food to students, but only on Tuesday’s, so it negates any benefits for any Monday, Wednesday and Friday students,” said Kuzdas.

SA orders the soup through Food Services and is heated in the kitchen, so it can be served hot with deli sandwiches.

Any clubs interested in running Soup’s On can contact SA at to sign up.


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