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Do you think more people should grow their own fruits and vegetables?

Daisy Rodrigues - sophomore

"Yes. First, they are less expensive and you save money. Second, there won't be many chemicals used on them and they are safe and fresh."

Sofia Penaloza - freshman

"Yes, there will be less chemicals used on the vegetables and it will save gas."

Austin Garcia - freshman

"Yes, because it will reduce pesticides and it will be healthy."

Zoua Her - freshman

"Yes, growing fruits on your own will save money, be healthier and organic."

Yer Chang - freshman

"Yes, growing your own food will give you an organic lifestyle."

Matt Kobriger - junior

"Definitely, because it will be food at a cheaper price and healthier."

Carleigh Werlein - freshman

"Yes, it is healthier, organic, fun, and it will save money."

Melanie Fehin - freshman

"Yes, it is natural and healthier."

Quan Liu - freshman

"No, you can buy it from farmers."

David Cruickshank - sophomore

"Yes, it's free, environmental friendly, and you don't have to use gas. You also don't have to use pesticides."


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