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UW-Fox starts semester with fall picnic

By Monica Montano

Freshmen Nate Gustafson and Christian Johnson participate in one of the free activities at the campus picnic Sep. 25.

photo by Monica Montano
Freshmen Nate Gustafson and Christian Johnson participate
in one of the free activities at the campus picnic Sep. 25.

Students and staff enjoyed free food, live music and activities at the annual fall picnic hosted by the campus activities board Sep. 25.

"I thought [the picnic] went really well. I was a little worried about the weather in the morning, but the sun came out..." Jeff Kuepper, director of campus activities board (C.A.B.) and senior student activities coordinator said.

"The food worked out pretty well, people were on the rides, and the clubs got lots of activity. I heard good things from people about it."

Students participated in various activities including inflatable obstacle courses, a candy making station, carnival rides and more.

"There's so much stuff to do...," freshman Elizabeth Richardson said.

"There was one [activity] that humiliated me. It was the ‘test your strength' thing. I barely got up to wimp,"

Many campus clubs were in attendance to represent their organizations and recruit new members.

"[Drama club] couldn't really show anything [at the picnic], but every year we get together and normally put on a show and teach about acting and appreciation of theatre pretty much," sophomore and drama club member Nicholas Lamers, said.

"We just had a sign-up sheet. We had 11 people sign up, but only one person showed up to the meeting,"

Some students took interest in multiple campus clubs.

"I decided to join the computer club and ballroom dancing," Richardson said.

Though the clubs seemed to be creating a lot of buzz and excitement, sophomore Jena Sieckert says they could do some things differently next year.

"There should maybe be more groups [actively showing] you what their groups are about," Sieckert said.

Some organizations had difficulty getting noticed.

"It's really hard for clubs to get attention and to get noticed unless you're a huge major club like C.A.B. or something," Lamers said.

A number of nonprofit organizations also had informational tables at the event, including the Center for Grieving Children, Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Boys and Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley along with others.

"They're offering students information on their services, and they're also offering volunteer opportunities to students, faculty and staff," Kuepper said.

The free food was well received by students and attendees.

"The food lasted pretty much the entire picnic. We didn't have much left over," Kuepper said.

"My favorite part about the picnic was the food...," Lamers said.

Faculty and staff provided food donations for the event including hamburgers, brats and other snacks.

"I did the picnic before, so I knew the kind of food people brought, so I brought a big bowl of apples, oranges and clementines," assistant professor of communications and theatre, Frances Perkins, said.

"...People told me that by the time they got through [the picnic] they were all gone, so I think people like them,"

"This year, I made brownies for the picnic. Each year, I usually end up making some type of dessert for the picnic because I feel that it is a good event to support," associate professor of chemistry, Kimberly Schatz, said.

Some students and staff made suggestions to improve the picnic in the future.

"There should be a greater food variety [next year]," sophomore Hannah Phillips said.

One faculty member suggests bringing back activities from previous picnics.

"I was in the dunk tank one year. The dunk tank was awesome. I had students that I had given grades to who were getting to dunk me," Perkins said.

The picnic offered opportunities to connect with the campus while having fun.

"...I liked the atmosphere, learning about the campus and stuff," Lamers said.

"I think the picnic is nice opportunity to relax and have a bit of fun in the midst of the beginning of the semester craziness," Schatz said

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