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Play supports charity through storytelling

By Jasmine Fulcer

Actresses brought Ilene Beckerman's book to life in the Communication Arts Center in Menasha Sept. 19-21.

Actresses brought Ilene Beckerman's book to life in the
Communication Arts Center in Menasha Sept. 19-21.

UW-Fox theatre presented Love, Loss and What I Wore in Perry Hall Sep. 19-21.

The actress in Love, Loss, and What I Wore spoke about women's life experiences by reflecting on memories that accompany clothes and accessories.

The production was adapted from Ilene Beckerman's bestselling book of the same name.

The performance featured a large cast of actresses remembering break ups, make ups, deaths, embarrassing stories and the wardrobe that goes with these moments.

"The play is not necessarily materialistic, but more sentimental," actress Cheri Duchrow said.

Director and associate professor of communications and theatre arts Susan Rabideau immediately took a liking to the play.

"The stories told throughout the play are all confirmed to be true and are easily relatable to people who have faced any kind of hardship," Rabideau said.

Audience members also made connections to the play.

"The play was very funny, and I liked how I could relate to its humor, even coming from a whole other country," audience member Charina Ramos said.

The information on display helped some audience members relate to the play after it was over.

"The display board was a great way for people to feel a deeper connection to the play and actresses," Ramos said.

A portion of every ticket sold was donated to African Soul, American Heart organization, which helps girls in South Sudan become educated and empowered.

"I love doing things for a good cause," Duchrow said.

Following the program, Duchrow manned a charity booth for International Children's Fund selling necklaces and bracelets created by women in Ghana. All proceeds went to supporting African women.

For more information on supporting African women, visit For a schedule of upcoming theatre presentations, visit


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