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Jewelry show benefits Weis Earth Science Museum

By Jenna Johnstone

Simply Living Jewelry owner and artist Michael Schramm talks with attendee Stephanie Krupski at the Jewelry Trunk Show Fundraiser at the Weis Museum on Nov. 2.

Photo by Jenna Johnstone
Simply Living Jewelry owner and artist Michael Schramm talks
with attendee Stephanie Krupski at the Jewelry Trunk Show
Fundraiser at the Weis Museum on Nov. 2.

The Weis Earth Science Museum hosted a Jewelry Trunk Show Fundraiser featuring Simply Living Jewelry Nov. 2 and 3.

The fundraiser was held to benefit educational programming at the Weis Earth Science museum, with 20 percent of the show's profit donated to the museum.

"The money goes to the Weis earth science education fund, and it's important because they help educate children about the earth and minerals and fossils and everything natural," owner and designer of Simply Living Jewelry Michael Schramm said.

"[The fundraiser] helps me as an educator because it provides funds for education programs so we can spread the word about how important the earth is, and what we get from the earth, like all the metals and materials," Weis Earth Science Museum educator Scott Mikulic said.

The show consisted of natural stone jewelry made by Simply Living Jewelry, crafted by husband and wife team Michael and Carmel Schramm out of Rhinelander, Wisc.

Every piece of jewelry is handmade with natural stones that the Schramm's travel to collect.

"The jewelry is handmade by me and my wife with all natural stones. Anywhere from minimum of three hours to a maximum of 48 hours [goes into making each piece], depending on the complexity of it," Schramm said.

The trunk show also offered a learning experience for attendees.

"I really love natural stone jewelry, I have an iron pyrite necklace and an opal ring that I wear all the time," attendee Stephanie Krupski said.

"[Schramm] helped me identify it as an Ethiopian opal, so it's kind of cool to know where it came from,"

Attendees enjoyed the extensive display of minerals.

"I couldn't afford to buy anything today, but I have my eye on a bracelet. The rainbow moonstone that is set in it is my favorite," Krupski said.

This is the Schramm's third time doing a show at the Weis.

"We chose the Weis museum because we think it's a great earth science museum, and we've been to a lot of them," said Michael Schramm.

"We know Gary Richards who works here, and he does a really good job and is very knowledgeable about gems and minerals and fossils," Michael Schramm said.

Many people are not aware of what the Weis Museum has to offer.

"Too many people don't know that this is a little gem of a museum right here in their backyard," Carmel Schramm said.

"[At the Weis] we educate people on the importance of the earth and earth science, so that they become aware of the fact that we need to do things like recycle materials... and all these kinds of things," Mikulic said.

"...So that's kind of what we talk about [at the Weis], and we throw in dinosaurs, fossils, meteorites, earth quakes, volcanoes, climate change...," Mikulic said.

"So many children have had an opportunity to come through the museum, and we need to introduce the adults to it as well," Carmel Schramm said.

The fundraiser also supported community ties and local business.

"I think that we want to encapsulate the 'buy local'. [The fundraiser] is something that's very local, in terms of the work that my husband and I do, and then by the same token this is a local museum," Carmel Schramm said.

"Rather than people having to travel a long distance to go on vacation, they've got something right here that's very educational and enjoyable,"

"[The show brings] awareness for the museum. I think we help each other in customer awareness. They gain customers from their visual presentation, and then they bring us business and people visiting the museum," Mikulic said.

The Weis Earth Science Museum and Store are open daily. For hours of operation and information on upcoming events, please visit


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