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Artists share inspiration at Aylward Gallery

By Jasmine Fulcer

Attendees gather around The Three Worlds art exhibit at the Aylward Gallery on Oct. 11.

Photo by Jasmine Fulcer
Attendees gather around The Three Worlds art exhibit at the
Aylward Gallery on Oct. 11.

The Aylward Gallery presented The Three Worlds exhibit Oct. 11 through Nov. 7, featuring artwork by Diana Ludwig and photography by John Beaver.

An opening reception and gallery talk took place Oct. 11, giving artists the opportunity to discuss their work with viewers.

"The gallery was well set up and organized. I liked how the pieces were displayed and complimented each other," gallery attendee Antwon Burkett said.

Beaver and Ludwig discussed what inspired them to create the artwork shown at the exhibit.

"This is a complicated question.  It is usually that there are things burning in my brain that want to get out, and it is mostly finding the time to let that happen in a way that is more than a meaningless mess. It trips my trigger to make art in odd and improbable ways," Beaver said.

"Inspiration comes from anything that's around me, I just try to re-create it in a new way," Ludwig said.

Attendees enjoyed the opportunity to get to know the artists and the stories behind their work.

"The artists were really down to earth and inspirational," Irene Champeau said.

Both artists showed a connection to their work, admiring each piece for its own characteristics.

"If I had to pick a favorite piece, it would be Catching Bird because this is my favorite technique to use," Ludwig said.

"Along the Line and Oil and Sand are special right now, because I worked out the techniques for doing those just recently, and I am excited about using those same techniques for more pictures in the future. Ask me again a year from now," Beaver said.

Beaver also offered some advice for aspiring artists and photographers.

"Find a way to support yourself such that you have enough time to do art. Find a job that gives you a living wage but also gives you some free time and doesn't drain your soul. And then use that time to do as much art as possible," Beaver said.

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