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"Silver Linings" serves up dark humor and all-star cast

By Christopher Totten

Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz. That might be the sound of a bee, but it is also the sound of Oscar season. The Oscars were held Feb. 24 and the movie floating around all of the nominee pools was "Silver Linings Playbook", starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. I had not been overly compelled to catch this film in theaters because it seemed like the type of movie that could be waited for until its DVD release. However, after seeing the sea of nominations the movie had and watching the ever-so-graceful Jennifer Lawrence receive the Academy Award for best actress, I decided to give it a chance.

"Silver Linings Playbook" is a film following the journey of the volatile yet charming formal school teacher Pat Solitano (Bradley Cooper) to find a silver lining in the negatives of his life. After his release from a mandatory eight-month stay in a psychiatric hospital, Pat has to pick up the pieces of his life, which he singlehandedly smashed in a confrontation with his wife’s lover, all the while learning to cope with his bipolar disorder.

Jennifer Lawrence comes into the picture as Tiffany, a recently widowed woman with a serious case of depression, who is drawn to Pat. These two actors have riveting onscreen chemistry, mixing and livening up the pace of the film with their offbeat personalities and often brash, dark humor. Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper are also joined by an excellent and gifted ensemble cast that includes Chris Tucker, Robert De Niro and Jacki Weaver, whose characters are equally odd, unashamed, and endearing.

Throughout the film, the drama is given to the audience with a healthy dose of dark and twisted humor with it. The most entertaining aspect of "Silver Linings Playbook" is that the humor is done in a unique and stylistic way; it is not the typical set-up, delivery, punch line type. Instead, it is heavily based on situational humor and often times the audience is laughing because of the downright inappropriately timed, flat out rude comments that Pat and Tiffany make. The two main characters are totally inept at filtering anything that they say, regardless of its content.

If you happen to have some free time during these hectic midterm term weeks, go out and watch "Silver Linings Playbook". The overall humor of the film will release some of that accumulated stress from long nights of studying after days spent in gloomy winter weather. If you cannot find the time to see this twisted flick in theaters then I would highly recommend seeing the film as soon as it is released on DVD April 30.


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