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“What did you spend your tax refund on?”

Michael Hovde, sophomore

“I’m going to spend it on court costs, maybe some cymbals and possibly a new computer.”

Dolly Schoenfeldt, sophomore

“I’m going to spend it on Magic the Gathering cards, children’s clothes, household bills and probably some gardening supplies.”

Andrew Werlein, freshman

“I haven’t received it yet, but I really don’t buy anything.”

Brady Eiting, freshman

“Umm, I’m probably just going to put it right in the bank.”

Zoua Her, freshman

“I haven’t gotten it back yet.”

Yer Chang, freshman

“I didn’t file my tax return.”

Ali Yang, sophomore

“Furniture and gas.”

Christina Cavaco, Writing Pad director

“I have two kids and my husband has two kids, so we have four altogether, and we’ve always wanted to take them on a family vacation out West, so we’re thinking of going to the Badlands.”

Amber Marcks, freshman

“Invest in school.”


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