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"What are some of the highlights of this semester for you?"

Phil Hebert, sophomore

"The scheduling for my classes. They seem to fit between my work and my personal life."

Zach Schoen, freshman

"My engineering class because it's the most fun. We get to do some pretty sweet projects."

Kirstyn Kennedy, sophomore

"I think my favorite thing this semester is the people around. The people around this semester are just really awesome and it makes it really friendly."

Katherine Salsieder, freshman

"Ballroom Dance Club, no doubt. It's really good exercise, it's fun, there are a lot of nice, cool people that are there. It's a fun get together."

Carrie Lane, freshman

"Phi Theta Kappa... I took over as a leader last fall and we are excited to be doing a food drive coming up in a couple weeks for St. Joe's. That's really the only thing I do on campus. I take most of my classes online, so this is the only reason I come to campus currently."

Alex Flater, sophomore

"My sociology class because of my teacher, Greg Peter."

Conner Wilhite, freshman

"I like it cause I know more people this semester and my professors this semester are better too."


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