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Local artists join forces for mixed arts show

By Lindsay Wallace

Sophomore Courtney Eiting observes the piece Crossing the Bridge In The Rain at a special reception for artists Lynn Artz and Eric King April 7.

photo by Lindsay Wallace
Sophomore Courtney Eiting observes the piece Crossing the
Bridge In The Rain at a special reception for artists
Lynn Artz and Eric King April 7.

A reception was held in the Aylward Gallery for works of two area students April 7 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Community members welcomed artists Eric King and Lynn Arts to the Aylward Gallery during an April 7 reception. The pair's collaborative exhibit Watercolor on YUPO and High Fire Ceramics opened April 1 and ran through May 3.

King, a Seattle native, has been taking independent study classes for the past 18 years at UW-Fox.

"I'm really grateful that the school allows that," King said.

His work motivated many attendees at the reception.

"I admire his work and it makes me strive to be able to do what he can," Courtney Eiting, UW-Fox art student, said.

He explained pottery is more of a passion than work for him.

"Really pottery is something I do because I feel that I need to. It's not like a source of income," King said.

Most of King's artwork on display was created specifically for the Aylward exhibit, with a few pieces made the previous semester for a different show.

King is always trying to evolve his art. He noted there was more color in these pieces than in artwork he displayed in previous showings.

"I'm always trying to do something similar, but a little different," King said.

He and UW-Fox art professor Frank Zetzman, who teaches ceramics and sculpture, rebuilt a salt fire kiln last summer. The kiln took nearly 120 hours to build, over a four-week period.

"The kiln was originally built about ten years ago, by Eric and myself, and it had deteriorated to the point where it was not safe to fire," Zetzman said.

"We reused what bricks we could salvage from the previous kiln and supplemented with new bricks in the rebuilding project."

The refurbished kiln is one of King's favorites to use.

King has been a student of Zetzman's on and off for the past twenty years.

"Eric has taken every regular studio course that I offer and by offering him independent study credits, he can continue to work," Zetzman said.

"At the same time it provides the beginning students with an advanced artist working next to them who is willing to help with techniques and studio tasks."

Zetzman admires King's development as a pottery artist.

"He has good forms and works hard on developing glazes that are appropriate, and both technically and aesthetically beautiful."

Originally from Kimberly, Artz studied at Fox before transferring to UW-Green Bay.

Artz's artwork is inspired by her love for life.

"I love life and the things around me and people around me that I come into connection with. I think I'm really just inspired by my life and the things I do, the places I see and the colors really inspire me," Artz said.

King and Artz first met at UW-Fox. Artz enjoyed returning to the campus for the art showing.

"To do a show in this gallery was really nice to be asked," Artz said.

Like King, her artwork for this exhibit also varied from her previous works. She painted on 100 percent recyclable synthetic plastic called YUPO, which she explained is much more challenging to paint on.

All of Artz's pieces have significance to her.

"They are all things that are connected in my life that mean something to me," Artz said.

Eiting thought Artz's work was one of a kind.

"I thought it was amazing what she did with the water colors," Eiting said.

"The work was so vibrant and lively."

The UW-Fox Valley spring art show will be held in the Aylward Gallery May 17 through June 14. It will feature selected works of the campus' fall 2013 art students.


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