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"How do you prepare your body for summer?"

Nate Vandenberg, freshman

"I exercise and eat right."

Alex Kade, freshman

"I go workout for three hours every morning and I also eat really healthy and stay away from junk food."

Crae Wilke, freshman

"I go to the gym four or five times a week and live a healthier lifestyle. I don't eat junk food or drink soda."

Hannah Welk, freshman

"I go for walks, and go running and swimming because I really enjoy those activities."

Jordan Jensen, freshman

"I work out daily at school and make sure I get my nutrition and eat breakfast regularly."

Mike Howe, freshman

"I lift hard and run a lot."

Renee King, freshman

"I play soccer after class and I like to run."

Velena Bascue, sophomore

"I jog in between school and work, and I go to the gym"

Erin Derus, sophomore

"I stay active with my kids playing baseball and other outdoor activities."

Chelcie Johnston, sophomore

"Working, tanning and trying to stay fit and healthy to look better for summertime."

Morgan Struck, sophomore

"I try to work out, go tanning and eat healthier."


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